FREESTYLE FOREVER 20 kbit stereo RA pne my last : 80's mix from '89, where it all began for me in music and inspiration!
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This is it guys my private Archives about half of all released Sidewinder tunage from the past 15 years njoy in no particular order (use winamp 2.8x for best results) mp3's and ogg will be listed first followed by : mods ( (the real fun stuff :)
click here to go to the MOD section *use winamp again if you have nothing else to play these ancient formats, or skip down to my "new" material below first - thank you the management :

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TECHNOBEE-16bit released 1997 original(M()D) : 1995
DARKCITY released 1999
:VX1 released internal 2001
Magic made 1997 release 1999
Wonderfull made 1995 released 1999
VALENTINE DAY : Featuring the sexy voice of NINA released Summer 2000
Guitar Solo created 2002
Guitar Solo DesperatoTheme1 (computer guitars all :) curtesy Awe32
OnceUponatimeinMexico : created early 2002 no release 'till 2003"
LOST IN DOODLES'01 16-bits rereleased 2001 original MOD from : 1993.
STRIKEPANZAI Created 1994 released 1995
ORBITAL-Imagin8 released /remixed 1996
INSATIA release 1995
: DarkCity Reunion Welcome To : DarkCity:! : created : 2001
JustLikeThat : Rare unreleased (about half my stuff i made was lost due to crashed keyboard, burnt computers ect partly recovered this original synth bit from 1996) :
WICKED : Created 1998
: CrystalProdigy Released In Spring'98-: this thing is floating around the net labeled crystal Method and Prodigy -Sidewinder heh.. pretty weird everybody things it's a cooperative or an unreleased singles of those bands or something!
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Crystal Mind: : made early 1998 released Feb 1999 on my '2BADSHEEP' : CD njoy
DOODLES (LOST IN DoODLES!!!! 1993 early house trance? weird stuff from the old days
Camel dancing I know weird.. 1993 early Camel music
THE SPANISH : ARMADA Created and Released in : 1992 -The Future Is here : the Classic
catchip601 Released : summer 1993 early hardcore rave : ? ?
SidewinderMegaMix : just what it says 1998 or :99
IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG : recorded 1994 released 1999 :!!
XMAS MEDDLY 1993 Very Lemmings like happy cute and sheep inducing : note Arnold sample :
MY DANCE MIXES My only 2 at the moment HERE , GALAXY TRANCE2005 The best in the bussiness, enjoy for i strive to make you the best suculent sets PERIOD

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Ever remember those magic moments when you first dreamt how it was to fly, or saw little bunny rabbits and sheep floating around in clouds? this isn't close, but you know, it is happy swirling churning beat thumping barn yard electronic dance music,Guarenteed to make your kids dance like their on crack!

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