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TITLE STYLE DATE dload InTheEyes Rock Dec1992

dload Analyzer SynthnoPop Jan1995
dload Whatlife PopTechno April 1996-
dload Just Like That TechnoPop (Vocals) May 1996
dload Technobees TechnoPop(Vocals) April 1996
dload Anestesia DanceClub October 1993
dload Dekadog Thumping ClubTechno December 1994
dload NeverEnd Fantasy Summer 1994
dload December Smooth Jazz June 1993
dload Sandrize Ambiant June 1995
dload Rhelms Fantasy Dec 1993
dload Orbital Flower Synth Jan 1995
dload Timewinds Guitar Summer 1994
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My CD release title FUTURE SHOCK 2 74 minutes 15 tracks dedicated to the scene.

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